Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rituparna Sengupta Sexy Bikini - Exclusive photos

1. Rituparna sengupta will be seen sporting a swimsuit in Jai Prakash's " Murder".
The actor said, "It is a suspense thriller with a love angle. In the introductory scene, shot in Goa, I'll be seen sporting a swimsuit. This shot is integral to the film." The actor sure has some guts sporting such an outfit post-delivery. "It's all about attitude," she reasoned and added, "I'm confident about the swimwear. In fact, it is in tandem, with the film's progress. This has nothing to do with titillation.
2. Ritu to play a sex worker from in next
Rituparna Sengupta will go subaltern in a new film that has her playing a sex worker from the Sunderbans.
Says Rituparna, "When director Mukul Roychowdhury shared the concept with me, I was intrigued. The story deals with a class of sex workers who are known as jol beshya in the Sunderbans. They live on the rivers. My character's approach towards life is unique since her existence revolves around living on the rivers. She falls in love with a nature photographer."
The film will be shot in parts of Bangladesh, Sunderbans and Kolkata. Shibhashis Bandyopadhyay, the scriptwriter and creative director, says, "There are many tribes in the Amazon or the Sunderbans that are hardly spoken about. Mukul had read a short story by Al Mamun titled Jalbeshya. He found the concept of water p ro s t i t u t i o n intriguing and started exploring. We found out about these girls who are not natives of Sunderbans but are under the control of water pirates. The Sunderbans are divided between India and Bangladesh. The only way of communication between the islands is on boats. These girls are forced into prostitution by water pirates and have to live on these boats. The film is tentatively titled "Pen Drive" though we will change it."
The film isn't just the story of one water prostitute. A nature photographer on an assignment gets lost in the Sunderbans. When he doesn't turn up after a couple of months, his friend (a fashion photographer and an adfilmmaker) goes in search of him. During her journey, she finds clues that fit like a jigsaw puzzle but also draw her into the maze. "While adman Sumanta Chattopadhyay will play this photographer, Pamela is going to play his friend. Manoj Mishra is the cinematographer for the movie that will be produced by the trio - Subrata, Subhasish and Surojit," Bandyopadhyay adds.
Srijato, who is penning the lyrics, says, "Rituparna's character is part mythical and part real. She is like a diva in the forest. I don't understand the taboo associated with sex workers. In this movie, Rituparna's character has no such negative connotations."
Pt Debojyoti Bose, who is scoring the music, says, "While I want to use contemporary sound in the urbanscape, I'll use folk music from the Sunderbans and give it a commercial packaging so that it appeals to today's audience."

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